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Best mattress in a box

At one time, getting a mattress up the stairs would have been a dilemma. The bed-in-a-box mattress is convenient, affordable, stress-free and changing the way we buy mattresses.

22nd December, 2017
by Carl Walsh

For lots of us, buying a new mattress isn’t something we look forward to. Visiting every retailer website and showroom in town isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. And then, to top it all off, you have to get it into the house and set it up.

At one time, getting a mattress up the stairs would have been a dilemma. But today, everything’s changed and there’s an easier way to install a mattress that suits you down to the ground. The bed-in-a-box mattress movement has really taken off in recent years – it’s convenient, affordable, stress-free, and it’s changing the way we buy mattresses.

What is a mattress in a box?

Basically, it’s a better way to buy a mattress. Today, mattress brands are making use of cutting-edge technology that allows them to ship quality mattresses in a box, so they arrive safely on your doorstep as a nice, compactly rolled mattress (they’re usually only the size of a mini fridge).

Mattresses-in-a-box tend to be made from innovative foam that bounces back to its original shape after it’s been compressed and rolled into its shipping box. When you choose a high-quality version, they’re rolled up in such a way that works with rather than against the structure of the mattress. And that means you won’t have to worry about compromising on comfort, support, or durability.

Types of mattresses in a box

If you’re looking for a mattress-in-a-box or a ready-rolled mattress, you can take your pick from three different kinds of filling. The key features and benefits of each are:

  • Memory foam: This foam is designed to fit the shape of your body, adjusting according to the pressure of your body on it. It can help relieve body stresses, muscle pains and aches. It lives up to its name in that it ‘remembers’ its original shape and returns to it, even after being compressed, rolled or boxed.
  • Latex foam: Made with a blend of natural and synthetic latex, it’s nice and breathable, which is great if you feel the heat when you go to bed. It’s durable and resilient, too, so if you prefer a firmer bed this could be right up your street. 
  • Hybrid foam: This is a combination of memory and latex foam. It’s great if the comfort and support of memory foam appeals, but you don’t fancy the heat retention, then this could work for you because they tend to be much cooler. 

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How long do they take to expand?

Every mattress-in-a-box will be different, but most should expand within an hour or so (although some can take up to 24 hours). Bear in mind that you may have to wait up to eight hours before you can use it.

Are they any cheaper?

Because bed-in-a-box mattresses only tend to be available online, you can enjoy great comfort for a fraction of the price in store. This is because online stores don’t have the huge overheads of sparkling showrooms and teams of salespeople.

However, price shouldn’t be your only consideration when it comes to buying a new mattress. You need to make sure you get the right size and shape to suit your sleeping style, otherwise it won’t work for you and you’ve wasted your money. You may also have to pay extra for shipping (although some come with free delivery).

A word of warning

Memory foam mattresses only work well in the long run with close-slatted bed bases. So avoid too wide a gap between your slats or the slats themselves being too wide. This is to provide adequate support and maximum aeration to the memory foam mattress.

In summary

Mattresses in a box are certainly easier to transport and install. There are however some considerations to make before you buy, such as what sort of filling would suit your sleeping routine. The more expensive hybrid mattresses in a box however are the best all-rounders, so long as you can keep an open mind when budgeting. After all, a mattress really is very important to your overall wellbeing.

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