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Bore Yourself to Sleep with Downright Dull Napflix Shows

Can’t sleep? Delve into Napflix, a treasure trove of mind-numbing shows so boring you can’t help but snooze right through them…

25th January, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Can’t sleep? Delve into Napflix, a treasure trove of mind-numbing shows so boring you can’t help but snooze right through them…

Not to be confused with Netflix, Napflix is a sleep-inducing collection of the world’s most humdrum videos – think 30-minutes of ironing and folding clothes, foreign opera, the 2013 World Chess Final or a video of a motorway in the rain. 

You can take your pick of anything from genuinely relaxing nature videos to full on science lectures, documentaries about sport or religion, and unimaginably random clips of chickens roasting. Who knows what else you might find.

“The idea is to make entertainment boring,” Napflix founder Victor Guiterrez de Tena told AFP. “I started to think about all the things that I usually watch around my nap time that help me to sleep. This generated an idea: gather all that content with the idea to build a siesta digital platform that helps you nap”, he explained to Mashable.

So that he did, and it’s yours for free. Unlike falling asleep in front of your TV, Napflix has ‘Siesta Mode’, for starters, which rotates the video so you can watch it lying down. Plus, you can set the timer to switch off after 10, 20 or 30 minutes – however long you think you can last before you’re bored asleep. And everything you see was hand-picked specially, from YouTube by Victor, because it’s monotonous and repetitive –capable of sending insomniacs like you to sleep. 

Now, everyone knows that looking at screens before bedtime can sabotage sleep, because the blue light stops your body from producing the sleep hormone melatonin. But when you have absolutely no other choice, and you’re struggling to sleep, you might find that one of these boring shows is just the ticket.

The one about the Perfect Sunset 

Whisk yourself off to this peaceful beach in Yakushima, northwest Japan, from the comfort of your bed. Watching the sun slowly set for an hour, while the waves gently lap the sand, should put you in the perfect headspace for blissful sleep. 

The one about the Zen Garden 

Slip into a trance as a stranger rakes swirls in a tiny sandbox. For 45 mind-numbing minutes, the light slowly dims as they smooth away the patterns in the sand and start again – giving you the best chance of sleep.

The one about a Swiss Chalet’s Rotisserie Chicken

Vegetarians look away now, this is where Napflix starts to get weird. Foodies can watch 6 chickens roast for up to 12 hours, which will either make your eyelids close or your stomach rumble – but excitement doesn’t really come into it, which is great for sending you to sleep. 

The one about the Walking Chicken

Liked the last one? Here’s an animated chicken from the Minecraft game, aimlessly skipping along to jingly piano music, for one entirely pointless hour. If you’re after boredom, you’ll find it here.

The one about the History of Scalextric 

Top Gear this isn’t. This two part documentary covers the history of the Scalextric toy up to 1970, featuring an interview with Rodd Moore from the Cumberland Toy & Model Museum. While you’re snoring, this show will explain everything from the art and production of retro Scalextric to a glossary of key terms. Yawn!

The one about a Burning Fireplace 

Safer than falling asleep in front of a real fire, this 2 hour video of a burning log fire isn’t as niche as the other Napflix shows on offer – but it comes complete with authentic crackling sounds that make your hairs stand on end.  

The one about High Traditional Latin Mass 

Ever fallen asleep in church? With this Napflix video, you don’t have to wait until Sunday. Watch a choir sing Mass before heading out on the annual May procession for 3 long miles. 

The one about The Apple Farm Documentary 

Another oldie, but goodie – the intro to The Apple Farm Documentary is far more exciting than the rest of it, which is just as well, since you’re trying to snooze. It’s about California’s fruit harvest from spring to autumn, but don’t be alarmed when the silky-voiced American narrator kicks things off by describing big nectarines (not apples).

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