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Choose a staycation mood based on your bedroom style

Covid-19 has meant travelling around the world is no longer an easy option, but it does mean people in the UK are discovering beautiful locations to holiday at without hopping on a plane.

8th September, 2020
by Carl Walsh

There are so many staycation options on offer in the UK, but what to do when you just can’t decide, and you don’t know what staycation would suit you best?

Well, Bed Guru have curated a guide to help you uncover what staycation would suit you best depending on what bedroom interior speaks to you the most.

The Coastal Staycation

Think cool tonal colours, such as calming blues, greys and whites. A coastal staycation would probably find you staying in a bedroom where everything is inspired by the sea. Imagine seashell art on the walls and nautical patterned bedding. As for the bed, envision a white wooden or driftwood inspired bed frame like the ones below. Sounds dreamy, right?

If you can visualise yourself staying in a bedroom like this, then it sounds like a coastal staycation is the one for you.

Carwin Pine Bed FrameShaker High Foot Pine Bed Frame

The Luxury Hotel Staycation

Glitzy wallpapers, mood lighting and lots of soft furnishings are all things you would find in a luxury hotel bedroom, but the pièce de résistance is always the lavish bed frame. Think sparkly grey upholstery or bold ottomans like the ones below.

If living and sleeping like royalty for a few days sounds like the dream staycation, a luxury hotel could be the trip away for you.

Sienna Upholstered Bed FrameRococo Upholstered Bed

The City Break Staycation

City break bedrooms are all about being slicked back and sophisticated. Hotels in cities are generally made for those checking out the tourist attractions in the surrounding areas, or those on business trips, and so the hotel room is not going to be used that much. Therefore, the interior tends to be minimalistic and practical. Think neutral colours and bright lighting. As for the bed, city break bedrooms keep it simple, such as these classic designs below.

Pop Upholstered BedQuebec Upholstered Bed

The Lake District Staycation

This bedroom style is all about the warm tonal colours and cosiness. Sarah from Dream of Home says that this kind of room is likely to look a little ‘fuller’ and ‘snug’. Think big oak drawers, checked bedding, cosy throws and upholstered beds. A bed we think fits perfectly into Sarah’s description is the Opulence Upholstered bed frame.

Opulence Upholstered Bed

The Spa Staycation

This is for the people that love a calming atmosphere. Think clean designs, minimalism, plenty of soft furnishings and again, an upholstered bed! Jen from Happy DIY Home says that textures play a massive role on the overall feel of a room and that an upholstered bed can promote deep relaxation.

So, if it’s deep relaxation you are wanting then of course a spa break is for you.

Copenhagen Upholstered Bed Frame

The Great Outdoors Staycation

Want to feel a little closer to the outdoors? Then of course you could go camping or even plan some star gazing, but alternatively you could stay in a cosy log cabin or lodge in the wilderness. Albert from Home Living Lab comments how warmer colours such as reds, oranges and browns are more stimulating, and may remind people of being out in the great outdoors. Think a crackling fire, checked curtains, fuzzy pillows and large rustic wooden beds like the one below.

Corona Pine Wooden Bed - High Foot End

Desperate to recreate these staycation bedrooms in your own home? Then start with choosing the perfect bed to match your staycation mood. Whether you want an upholstered bed that reminds you of living in luxury at a lavish hotel or whether you want a rustic inspired bed that reminds you of a cosy log cabin, Bed Guru’s got you covered!

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