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Customised Divan Bed Bases: As Easy as B=H-M

The secret to your perfect night's sleep? Here's one, Bed Guru customise Divian bed bases for maximum shuteye...

21st October, 2015
by Carl Walsh

If we all liked to sleep on the floor we wouldn’t need a bed or a mattress. But floors being uncomfortable after a few minutes, hips, shoulders and knees soon ache we need something comfier to sleep on. Here at Bed Guru we provide the comfort layer you need for a great night’s sleep. These ‘comfort’ layers come in the form of a range of mattresses and bed bases to suit all preferences and sleeping needs.

A divan base provides one of the best platforms to give you the perfect height for getting in and out of bed. We can tailor our bases to the correct height for you. An easy bit of maths will do that: B = H – M where H is the total ideal height off the floor for you minus the mattress depth and leaving B, Base height.

We then can build your divan base to suit your own style and tastes. We have a variety of fabric choices to suit your room and have matching headboards available. At Bed Guru we build your base in three qualities, standard, deluxe and premier for even stronger material, build and tailoring. Our Bed Guru Premier models come in a choice of timber legs in natural, teak or walnut and in 4 different styles.



Divan Bases are very adaptable to suit any sized room, awkward doors or unusual staircases. We can build our bases in smaller sections, 2, 3 or even 4 pieces which quickly join together. In many sizes the space underneath can be utilised with storage options.

For maximum, storage ottoman divan bed bases give you lots of options, even large duvets can be squeezed in. Ottoman divan bases can be made to suit your room, end lifting, side lifting or a half end lifting base (you can still have drawers in the top section)

Sliding door divan bases give you almost as much space and these are especially popular in smaller rooms for children as Bed Guru builds shorter single or shorter small single divan bases so you can even make full use of box rooms and slidestore bed bases give your room even more under bed storage space.

Drawer divan bases are very flexible and our storage divan beds come with the options of jumbo drawers, end opening or side opening for singles, deep drawers in full 4 drawers, 2 on the side for beds that are against a wall, 2 at the foot-end for beds with cabinets or alcoves and if your cabinets allow continental smaller drawers which can be used even with bedsides.

We have a whole range of divan bed bases to choose from and as we mentioned we can alter the height of our bases to suit you. We are also currently running a promotion for 10% off all divan bases and an additional £40 off when you buy a divan base and mattress together.

If you want to find out more about any of our divan bases or our bespoke beds and special size beds please get in touch

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