Experience the Healing Power of Sleep

When was the last time you started the day without caffeine? How often do you wake up after your alarm feeling refreshed? Can’t remember?

There’s a strong possibility that you're not sleeping enough.

Consider this

A whopping two-thirds of adults fail to meet the 8 hours of sleep our bodies need.

The effect has a real knock-on effect on our overall health and wellbeing. Usually without us realising it. With tiredness, stress, anxiety, poor skin, and binge eating all associated with deficient sleep.

In fact, the World Health Organisation has declared our attitude towards sleep a global epidemic.

The good news is, sleep is one of nature’s greatest healers. By simply getting more sleep you could experience improved physical and mental health, increased productivity, more energy, and even clearer skin and fewer wrinkles.

Sheep jumping fence

The Choose Sleep Challenge

To put sleep to the test we asked a group of people to take part in our Choose Sleep Challenge. The premise is simple. Get at least 8 hours sleep for at least 2 weeks then tell us how you feel. Following our simple tips for deep and restful sleep.

For Jade and Helen, this meant going to bed at a similar time every day. Cutting down on caffeine, leaving the smartphones out of reach, and not eating too close to bedtime.

Here’s how they got on.

Helen from thehelsproject.com

“For the most part, I was able to stick to all of them. I didn’t drink any tea after 2pm (which was HARD when I was in the office!), I didn’t drink any alcohol, I used Dougie’s old GroEgg to check the temperature of the room, and I swapped my bedtime scrolling for reading – which I try to do anyway but sometimes it’s easier said than done!”

“I definitely found that cutting out caffeine and not scrolling through my phone made a world of difference to my sleep. I found it easier to fall asleep, and I felt like the sleep I was getting was deeper and more restful.”

“I honestly feel like the quality of my sleep has improved, and I’m definitely going to stick with the routine.”

Read Helen’s full experience here

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Jade fromthriftyyorkshiremum.com

“If you’re a parent, you’ll totally understand how detrimental it can be getting no sleep. I remember not long after our eldest was born, and I’d had barely any sleep in 3 days. I was almost delirious. Slurring my words. Hallucinating!”

“It’s been really eye-opening (or not as the case may be! Sorry that was awful) to see exactly how certain habits I have can really affect the quality of my sleep. I was already aware of how screen time can affect getting to sleep, but it wasn’t until actually started making sure I had the screen free time before bed that I understood the benefits. I was able to properly ‘switch off’, meaning my mind could switch off quicker too.”

Read Jade’s full experience here

Are you ready to give it a go?

We’re inviting you to sleep a full 8 hours every night for at least 14 nights. So you can experience the healing power of sleep and return to your natural state of being.

Sleep diary

Our free booklet contains everything you need to get started. From tips to help you prepare to sleep to a pre-challenge evaluation to understand how you’re currently sleeping. You’ll also get a sleep diary to track your progress each night. 

Download the Choose Sleep Challenge booklet and be sure to let us know how you get on.