How to Build Your Divan Bed Base in 5 Foolproof Steps

Whether you ordered a firm top or sprung top divan bed base with storage or without, these instructions will help you build it in no time at all…

Standard divan bed bases are formed of two upholstered wooden bed frames – when it comes to joining them together and attaching the feet of your bed and the headboard, follow these easy steps.

1.Gather your tools

Find your own hammer and double check you have the right number of accessories in the plastic bag provided with your divan bed base:


2. Remove all of the packaging carefully

This includes the staples keeping the drawers or sliding drawers shut and those securing the corner protectors to your divan bed.

3. Turn your Divan bed base upside-down

Insert a glider/castor into the socket on each corner and gently tap them into place with your hammer.


4. Push your bed bases together

If your divan bed is in two sections or more, push them together, flat end to flat end. Unscrew one bolt and slacken the second, on both sides of your bed base – connect the sections with a joining clip and tighten your bolts securely.


5. Attach your headboard to your divan bed base

Remove the spacers from your headboard bolts and any stickers covering the bolt holes on your headboard – these will be approximately 15cm from the edge of your bed. Insert your headboard through the bolt holes, check it’s level and tighten the bolts securely. 


Keep your new divan bed hygienic and bed bug free with a mattress protector, mattress topper or easy-iron fitted sheets – Egyptian cotton sheets with 200, 400 or 100 thread count. Shop our collection of handmade and machine washable bedding to complete your bed, ready for your first night’s sleep on your new divan bed. 

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