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How to be the perfect guest this Christmas

Christmas a time of peace & joy… until the family get together. Follow Bed Guru's tips, or risk being a nightmare guest

2nd December, 2015
by Carl Walsh

Christmas is a time of peace and joy… until the family all get together under one roof.

Nobody wants to be that annoying Christmas guest who doesn’t offer to help and overstays their welcome. If you’re staying with relatives this Christmas or spending the festive period with friends don’t worry we’ve got some pointers to help you be the perfect guest this Christmas…

Here are our tips to make sure the festive season goes smoothly.


Make sure you talk to your host about your schedule before you arrive. What time/date will you be arriving and perhaps more importantly when you will be leaving so they can plan for your visit.

Bring a gift.

Show your appreciation. A bottle of wine or food always goes down well. Or something thoughtful for their home like a potted plant or candle is sure to be appreciated. If in doubt chocolates and flowers are another winner.

Help out.

Take your turn doing the dishes and helping clear up. Offer to cook a meal for everyone or plan some evening entertainment to take some pressure off the host. Charades anyone?

Make the bed.

It isn’t a hotel it’s someone’s home so make sure you leave your room tidy and keep your bed in top shape. Make the bed and don’t leave your clothes or belongings lying around. You can’t expect room service.

Sleep well.

Respect your hosts sleep schedule. Don’t stay up late watching TV loudly if your host is trying to sleep. You don’t want people worrying about tip toeing around you in the morning trying not to wake you up because you stayed up late.

Always use a coaster!

Don’t leave a permanent reminder of what a bad guest you were.

Don’t overstay your welcome….                                                                                

If you said you were leaving on a certain date make sure you stick to it. Or if your plans change make sure you keep your host up to date.

Thank You.

Don’t forget to say thank you. A handwritten note or phone call after you’ve got home to say thank you for the hospitality will leave a good impression after you’ve gone.

Bring a bed with you.

We had to slip something Bed Guru related in here. With our range of guest beds you can guarantee a perfects night’s sleep if you take a Bed Guru bed with you!


Merry Christmas from all of us here at Bed Guru! 

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