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How to Keep the Spark Alive in the Bedroom

Losing the magic? Try a few of our bloggers’ tips from our #LoveBedGuru campaign before you sleep separately...

1st March, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Lost the magic in the bedroom? Could your love life be better…

Before you join the sorry 10% of British couples who sleep alone in separate beds, try out a few of our bloggers’ tips from our #LoveBedGuru campaign – to feel closer to your other half and keep sleeping side by side. From fresh bedding with an impossibly high thread count to deciding who wears the trousers and talking the talk...

1. Share your thoughts & feelings honestly

“The one thing you need to do is talk!” Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies told us.

“If you’re super tired and at the end of your tether, let your partner know. Sometimes they just don’t see it… Once he knows I’ve had a bad night, he will make sure the next day I get a lie in, or that I go to bed first. The same for me.”

2. One of you should take charge

“When I told my husband I’d be writing this blog post and any input was appreciated he replied ‘just say the husband has to do what he’s told all the time. That’s the secret’. So I guess I wear the trousers!” Victoria from Lylia Rose mused. “I guess if there were two people who wanted to be in charge there could be a lot of friction!”

3. Get the best bed you can afford 

“We did buy an exceptionally large bed. We didn’t think about the space we’d need for a baby then! But I still love it,” Hollie continued.

“The one thing that can really help if you like different types of mattresses (I’m a softie, Mr C is more of a firm lover) or if one of you are heavier than the other (exactly like me and Mr C) is to get a couple’s mattress.”

Wondering what a couple’s mattress is? Hollie explained, “It’s something I’d never thought of before but such a good idea. A bespoke handmade mattress that’s made half for you and half for your partner. A bit like how you’d compromise with a pizza, but bigger, and much more fulfilling!” 

Bed sheets

Claire, aka Ninja Killer Cat, was also convinced that a great bed is the best way to go, saying, “Last year I did pick our bed up in one of those Black Friday sales so then Mr T had to take down and get rid of our old bed, marriage I think is the ultimate gameshow at times but one where you've already won the prize.” 

4. Remember you’re friends with benefits

“My husband isn’t just my husband, but my best friend too. He knows me more than anyone else. He’s the only one I can tell everything to, including personal stuff, my honest opinion and any crazy thoughts” Victoria gushed.

“I can be myself around him without fear of being judged.  We have a lot of banter and love being with each other as friends too. It makes our bond even stronger.”

5. Compromise to keep your love alive

Breakfast in bed 

“A relationship is a two-way thing. Be kind to your partner and help them out when you can you. You can't expect to receive something when you don't offer anything in return,” Mellissa from The Diary of a Jewellery Lover told us.

“So if your partner has had a hard day, do something nice for them, for example, make them a cup of tea, look after the kids for a bit, take them out for a drink, make them dinner, be especially nice. They will be more likely to reciprocate in return.”

6. Upgrade your pillows

“We have different requirements from our pillows. I want a couple of quality pillows that are going to support my neck. I’ve had a bad back for a year or so now so I’m always looking for that perfect pillow,” Katy from Katy Kicker explained.

“My husband, on the other hand, loves several pillows. He wants a couple to sleep on and another to cuddle.”

7. Fit some fancy sheets

“This is another must for me. I love nice bedding. Pretty, high quality and fresh smelling. I love to change our bedding super regularly and there is nothing better is there?!” asked Katy.

“At the end of a long day climbing into a fresh bed. You can’t beat it. I always make sure I change the bedding before we go on holiday too. That way when we come home it is nice and fresh.”

8. Laugh it up, fuzz ball

Couple laughing

“Laughter is the best medicine as they say. It releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone. Mr W and I love a good laugh and we enjoy watching comedy films and programmes together as well as watching stand-up comedy,” Mellissa giggled.

“We also find laughter in everyday things. Science has also shown that those that laugh together stay together, so go out of your way to have fun and a good laugh.”


In a rush? Give your bed a romantic makeover in 30 seconds or less to impress your other half. Otherwise, get in touch today – whether you’re after a couples mattress or a new mattress or stylish bed base.

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