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How to make a bed

Do you struggle making the perfect bed in the morning? Here at Bed Guru we have put together a guide showing you how to make a bed.

1st May, 2019
by Carl Walsh

No one quite knows how hotels manage to make the perfect bed. All the sheets seem perfectly tucked away and the pillows plumped to an impressive standard. So how do you make your bed? 

Most of us only have a short space of time in the morning to get ready and get out of the house so making our bed comes bottom of the priority list. Here is our step by step guide on how to make a bed. 

1 - Clear the bed of everything 

Remove any pillows, duvets and fitted sheets, you need a completely clear and empty space to work your magic. 

2 - Add your fitted sheet

You need to make sure your fitted sheet is evenly and tightly spread across your mattress. If you can, try and tuck it into the corners to make sure it’s tight as it possibly can be. You may need to lift the mattress to achieve this so ask for help if it’s needed, two pairs of hands are better than one! 


3 - Add any additional sheets

If you have a top sheet then add this over the top. The side with the larger hem needs to be at the top and spread the sheet evenly over your bed and tuck in down the sides and at the bottom. 

4 - Make hospital corners

What are hospital corners we hear you ask? They’re quite tricky to make but are a great way of giving your bed that added touch. Watch the video to find out exactly how to make the perfect hospital corner. 

5 - Apply your duvet

Once you’ve tucked and smoothed out your top sheet, you next need to add your duvet. Again, make sure your duvet is spread evenly over the bed with equal amounts of duvet hanging off the bed on each side. 

6 - Fold your duvet and fitted sheets over

Take equal amounts of the duvet and fitted sheet at the top of the bed and fold them over individually. Only fold a small section of each. 

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7 - Add your pillows

Give your pillows a quick fluff and add an equal number of pillows to each side of the bed. Make sure you have two of the same on top and they’re both turned the same way.

8 - Place any additional extras on top

You may have additional pillows or blankets. Add them on top of your masterpiece, again making sure both sides are equal. Once you have completed this step your bed is nice and ready and should be looking as neat as the hotels. 

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Now you know how to make the perfect bed why don’t you try and find the perfect mattress to go with it? Here at Bed Guru, we have a full range of mattresses available to fit all sizes of beds. Contact us today to find out more and one of our advisers will be more than happy to help. 

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