Single & Double Guest Beds

Feel like a brilliant host by updating your spare bed with one of our guest beds or wooden bed frames. Shop our collection for a single bed with guest bed underneath or divan guest bed, our foldaway guest bed, rollaway bed or z beds and more. Your new guest bed is available in all manner of UK and special bed sizes, including short and small single beds. FREE delivery in England and Wales.

What size of guest bed do you sell?

We sell a variety of different bed sizes to suit every requirement. You can make your choice from the likes of a UK single at 90x190cm to a larger UK small double which is 122x190cm. We deliver our range of guest beds worldwide.

What type of guest beds can I choose from?

We have a range of guest beds available to choose from, from a standard singular UK single bed to 2x UK single's, allowing you to have more than one guest staying with you at one time.

What colour/material of guests bed can I choose from?

There are a variety of options you can select from, colours/materials range from beech/black to chenille brown and chenille grey. There is bound to be a combination that suits what you are looking for. Don't forget we deliver our full range of guest beds worldwide.