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Loft beds and how to get the most out of your loft space

More and more people are starting to renovate their loft spaces in order to add extra room to their home and add value to their house.

7th June, 2021
by Carl Walsh

Renovating a loft space to add an extra bedroom is a great idea, and if you ever decide to sell, it could persuade more buyers to come and look at your home, and you might even sell your home quicker!

When designing your new loft bedroom, it’s important to take a few things into consideration:

Access – make sure that all of the furniture you are taking up into the loft can fit! It’s ideal to get flat-packed furniture so that everything you buy can be assembled in the loft bedroom. Before buying any furniture, such as a loft bed, it’s important to check the dimensions first so that when you build the loft bed, you can be confident that it will fit.

Room height – Most loft bedrooms tend to have a low ceiling, and if this is the case for your loft bedroom, choose a low bed. It will make the room feel more spacious, and it means when you get out of bed in the morning you won’t hit your head on the ceiling!

Room size – If you lack space in your loft bedroom, it makes sense to pick a loft bed that is quite compact. This means you would be better off getting a loft bed without a headboard and little leg height. The best way to ensure you get a bed that fits perfectly is to get a custom size bed and mattress. This way, you can be sure that you are utilising your loft space correctly.

loft bed

Choosing a low loft bed:

At Bed Guru we offer a wide range of low best perfect for converted loft spaces. The below loft beds have a low height and no or a small headboard:

These beds would make the perfect addition to your newly converted loft space, however, if you have a uniquely shaped loft bedroom, then it might be best to buy a custom size loft bed and mattress.

Custom size loft bed

If you have a unique-sized loft, that might require a custom size bed frame and mattress that is different to standard bed sizes, then Bed Guru can help!

If you have a small-sized loft, you might not want a bed to take up most of the room. Instead, you might want room for other furniture, like a desk, wardrobe, and drawers. If this is the case with your loft space, Bed Guru can make customisable beds, bed frames, and mattresses in a bespoke size. Whether you want it narrower, shorter, longer, higher, or lower than any standard UK bed, Bed Guru can make it happen. Just think, for every foot you take off your bed, you could add another piece of furniture in your room that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to add.

custom size loft bed

Other loft bedroom tips:

  • Keep things minimalist – If your loft bedroom is particularly small, it's best to keep things minimalistic and stick to the essentials instead of packing in lots of bulky items.
  • Be neutral – If you have a small loft space, loud colours and prints could make your bedroom feel even smaller. Choosing light and neutral colours will help make your loft bedroom feel more spacious and airier.
  • Focus on the floor – If you have little wall space in your room, it might make it tricky to bring your room to life with pictures and prints. Instead, focus on the floor and choose an interesting wood layout or luxurious carpet.
  • Maximize with mirrors – This tip goes for any room in the house! Including a few mirrors in a room can make it feel a lot bigger than it really is. This is a great idea for a loft bedroom that has small or no windows.
  • Light it up – If you have a small loft bedroom with only a few windows, you can warm the room up by adding accent lighting. Adding bedside table lamps and a floor lamp can add a cosy feel to any bedroom.

If you have a custom-sized bed project you need help with, you can get in touch with Bed Guru to tell us about your problem or unique space.

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