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Looking After Your Beds And Mattresses

Our top tips and suggestions for looking after your Bed Guru beds and mattresses. Ever wondered how often to turn your mattress? Read on to find out.

23rd September, 2015
by Carl Walsh

Here at Bed Guru we want your Bed Guru products to last as long as possible – within reason!

We were appalled at just how long some people keep their mattresses for before replacing! We were pretty shocked to find that the average 8 year old mattress contains 10lbs of dead skin! That’s the same weight as a miniature dachshund… and definitely not as cute.

So while we don’t recommend leaving it that long before replacing your mattress there are things you can do to prolong the life of your beds and mattresses. Particularly important if you are a hotel owner.

Bed Guru Commercial is the section of our site aimed at all you hoteliers and B&B owners out there who rent out rooms to guests – if you are paying for a room you expect a good night’s sleep! Our Bed Guru Commercial products are designed to ensure guests keep coming back because they’ve had the perfect night’s sleep.

With quality of sleep being such an important factor on whether you decide to return we’ve decided to share some of our frequently asked questions on how to care for your Bed Guru beds and mattresses to ensure they last as long as possible but also keep offering guests the best night’s sleep possible!

Our handy frequently asked questions and answers on how to make sure your Bed Guru mattresses and beds last:

How often should a mattress be turned?

All Bed Guru Commercial mattresses can be turned head to tail and the majority will benefit from turning over completely as well as rotating, ideally every 3 months.

Why? The fillings will settle evenly and prevent wear and tear across the whole mattress if rotated seasonally, this will avoid over use in a single spot. If your guests sit up in bed to watch TV for example this will wear higher up the mattress.

Mattresses with memory foam are non-turn but can still be rotated top to bottom.

Make sure you ask for help when attempting to turn heavier mattresses and always unfasten zipped mattresses before turning!

Do I really need a mattress protector?

At Bed Guru Commercial we always recommend protecting your investment with good quality mattress protectors under the linen to keep your mattresses hygienic. Our range of protectors offers you protection from quilted, through to polyurethane backed breathable with terry towelling and full bed bug protection.                                                                                               

How do I clean my mattresses?

Your mattresses are protected with fire retardant Crib 5 properties so avoid detergents and bleaches. It is best to use mattress protectors to prevent against stains and spillages. If you need to clean your mattresses we recommend you clean them with a soft brush but don’t vacuum them!

Should I fold my mattress?

No! Don’t fold your mattress. Folding it will damage the structure and also invalidate your warranty. Always keep your mattresses on a flat surface and on the correct type of base.

Can I put a new mattress on an old base?

An old base may damage your new mattress by not providing the correct support, by all means call us for advice. All Bed Guru Commercial mattresses are suitable for use with bed frames with slats which are not more than 7.5cm 3 inches apart, antique mesh or sprung bases may damage a new mattress. If you aren’t sure just give us a call and we can help!


Hopefully these frequently asked questions and top tips are helpful, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to talk all things beds!

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