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Need kids’ bedroom ideas? Look no further than a cabin bed

Cabin beds are an ideal addition to your kids bedroom, providing you with a mess solution. Read more benefits on the Bed Guru website.

23rd April, 2019
by Carl Walsh

Choosing a bed for your kid's bedroom can feel like an impossible job. Kids rooms get messy, so you need to balance practicality and storage with something to keep them happy. With that in mind, let us introduce you to the solution to your problem, the cabin bed.

In this blog, we are going to take you through the benefits of cabin beds, showing you why they are a popular choice for both parents and children.

What is a cabin bed?

A cabin bed is essentially a bed with storage, an all-in-one solution that helps you to keep your kid’s rooms clean and tidy. They’re also compact and give the little ones somewhere to play, and a desk to study on.

Cabin beds provide you with cupboards, draws, and additional storage areas you can use to keep toys and other items out of sight. Some cabin beds can also be fitted with a wardrobe to free up more space.

Desk areas are great multipurpose addition for both study and playtime. Keeping them occupied when it’s time to do homework and giving them somewhere to draw away from the kitchen table.

Making the most of space

The great thing about cabin beds is they fully make use of the space you have. In box rooms and smaller bedrooms, the bed dominates the limited space you have. Leaving little to no space for furniture.

For kids who love to make a mess, an already small room can feel even smaller. With ample storage options, cabins beds make the most out of the space and make messy rooms a thing of the past.

Merlin Cabin Bed - Black & Walnut

What styles are available?

Cabin beds like the Verona cabin bed are made with convenience in mind. Featuring a pull out trundle bed that’s ideal for sleepovers. You’ll also find 3 drawers with plenty of space in one compact package.

The Stella Low Sleeper is a modern, space-saving solution and provides you with 2 under-bed drawers on castors and some useful shelving. The low sleeper gives you space to store toys and other loose items, complete with drawers for clothes and other items.

What are mid and low sleepers?

Cabin beds come as either a mid or low sleeper. Mid sleepers are taller than low sleepers and usually provide you with more storage space underneath. The bed is raised, so mid sleepers usually come with steps or a ladder for easy to access the bed. They appear like a bunk bed, with the usual additional bed underneath replaced by storage space, and often a desk area.

Low sleepers are the smaller of the two and are more prominent in smaller spaces. They still have storage underneath the bed, but they often don’t have a desk area. They look more like a standard single bed but with a lot more storage options.

Choosing a cabin bed based on your child’s age?

Cabin beds are a great option for children of all ages, but the bed you choose might change depending on their age.

Toddler: The adventurous toddler will get a lot of fun out of a cabin bed, particularly if you choose one with a fun theme. Many toddlers like to make dens and play with tents, slides and tunnels, for which the cabin bed is the perfect addition.

School Age Child: For children who need to mix playtime with study time, the cabin bed is ideal. Choose one with a desk and plenty of storage options to keep toys out of reach when it’s time to study. For this, mid sleepers are your best option.

Older Child: Older children will definitely be more interested in the mid sleepers because of the storage space they can provide them. They may no longer want a theme, but they’ll start to appreciate having plenty of drawers and shelves to store their growing collection of clothes and books.

As one of the most versatile beds available, cabin beds are great for keeping both parents and children happy.

They’re fun, practical, and offer lots of great storage options too. If you’d like to know more about choosing the right cabin bed, give us a call or use the live chat below, and a member of our team will be happy to answer your questions. You may also want to consider taking a look at bunk beds before making your choice.

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