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Pet Proofing Your Home

Pets leave a lot of mess behind them, so pet proofing your home can be a difficult job. Read our tips on the Bed Guru website.

26th March, 2019
by Carl Walsh

As adorable and loving as pets can be, they don't half leave a mess behind them. It's often said, having a pet is like having a child, so keeping your home clean and tidy is an ominous task.

The first few days with your pet is always the hardest whilst you get them used to their new surroundings. Here is a guide to help you pet-proof your home before your little one's arrival. We're going to take a look at each room and look at how you can avoid your home descending into chaos.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sacred space, but you may want to get used to sharing it with your new pet. Dogs and cats in particular love to spend time with you, even when you want some shut-eye. Despite that brand new dog bed you've bought, all they will want is to stay in your bed.

There are some quick and simple ways you can pet-proof your bedroom. It's important you get some form of mattress protector, as their nails may damage your mattress. Whilst you are out, it’s advisable to get a blanket to lay over your bedding to make cleaning easier and prevent pet hair from flaring up allergies.

We would also advise that any bins in your bedroom have a lid to ensure they don't eat anything they're not supposed to. Try and keep your favourite pair of trainers locked away in your wardrobe or they may not be wearable by the time you find them again!

The Living Room

Your pet will likely take a serious liking to your favourite couch. Some people allow their pets on the sofa, others don't, so it's important to set those rules very early. If you don't want them sitting on your couch while you are out, ensure you keep your door shut when you're not using the living room. It may be an idea to get a throw or blanket to put over your couch to keep it protected from any potential accidents or claws damaging the fabrics.

If your children have any toys, it's important you keep them kept away. Dogs, in particular, will see them as their toys, and the last thing you want is your daughter's favourite teddy ripped apart on the floor.

It's also very important for the safety of your pets you keep all electrical wires either covered up or kept out of harm's way. There's nothing young dogs like to do more than chew on something, so keep them safe by keeping those electrical wires out of reach. We would recommend you take note of your local vets in case an accident does occur. It's always useful information to know!

Dog on sofa

The Kitchen

The place of exotic smells, and excessive begging. The kitchen is like heaven for your pet, so it's important you follow a few simple rules to ensure your baked bread isn't lost before your eyes.

Make sure your dustbin is sealed so no wandering paws can gain access. We would also recommend you keep any cleaning products well out of the way because these can prove deadly. Keep them as high up and out of the way as you possibly can.

Any food that you don't want your pet touching, including any treats, keep in the higher cabinets well out of the way. Unfortunately, pets aren't aware that it's your food, so, until well-trained, they will take the opportunity.

The Bathroom

A place that your pet will either love or hate. Cats aren’t the biggest fans of water so they’re likely to stay well clear. Dogs, on the other hand, have a love-hate relationship with the bathroom.

Bathrooms often house large windows to keep the room aired. With cats, it's vital you keep your window shut when unattended as they will take a liking to the outside world and could fall.

cat in bathroom

Any loose objects, keep them out of reach if you value their safety. The last thing you want is your expensive perfume deposited all over the floor. Pets are inquisitive and these accidents will happen if care isn't taken.

If it's too late for your bed or mattress and they need replacing, let us take them away for you. We now offer a removal service when you buy a new bed or mattress. Give us a call to find out more.


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