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Seasonal Guide for Bedding

Picking the right bedding for the right time of year can be difficult. Here at Bed Guru we've made it easier for you, read our Seasonal Guide to find out more.

16th July, 2019
by Carl Walsh

Choosing the right kind of bedding for the time of year can be a near impossible task. Especially if you live somewhere like the UK where the seasons can be unpredictable. So what is the right type of bedding for each time of year?

We’ve put together a guide to answer some of your seasonal bedding questions and guide you in the right direction. 


When spring rolls around and brings with it spells of warmer weather, you might start thinking about stripping your mattress of its winter sheets. But given that temperatures might change again before summer, deciding on the right thickness of duvet can be difficult.

What tog duvet for Spring?

Your best bet is to find a lower tog duvet, anywhere between 4 and 9. These are generally thinner and should stop you from getting too hot and preventing you from sleeping. 

Is there anything you can do to keep your bedroom cool?

There are some tips you can put in place to try and keep your bed as cool as possible. Simple things like keeping doors and windows shut and your curtains closed help stop the heat outside turning your room into an oven. Here we’ve explored how to prepare your bed for the summer months in more detail.

Bright Bedroom


Summer can be a tricky one, as it often catches us unaware and you find yourselves scrambling to get the right sheets to stay as cool as possible. But there’s more to think about than the thickness of your duvet. You need to ensure you have the right pillows and fitted sheets. Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from people about summer bedding.

Does the colour of bedding matter?

The colour of the bedding does actually matter, with white or lighter colours being a preference. Darker colours absorb heat which can make your bed an incredibly uncomfortable place to be at night. 

Does leaving your bedding in the freezer work?

It can work, providing you don’t leave it in for too long (around 10 minutes should suffice). It’s also advisable to keep it covered in a plastic bag, as the last thing you want is for it to start smelling of last night’s leftover lasagne! 

Are there special cooling sheets available?

Bed sheets with natural fibres are generally renowned for having cooling properties because the natural fibres allow the sheets to breathe. 

Your best bet is to take a look at coolmax bed sheets. They have previously been used by athletes and hotels and are widely regarded as some of the best bed sheets to use in the summer months. 

Autumn Bedroom


As Autumn rolls around the temperature cools and creates ideal sleeping conditions. At this stage, however, summer bed sheets might not be enough. More layers and a cosy but cool atmosphere are what you’re aiming for, and getting the right bedding plays a big part in this. 

Do you need thick sheets in Autumn?

In Autumn, your best bet is to try and find an ideal middle ground. Your summer sheets may not be enough but your winter sheets might seem too thick. 

What is the ideal fabric for my bedding?

Warmer and softer fabrics will ensure you have a comfy night’s sleep. You’ll want to take a look at higher tog duvets as they’re thicker and are more likely to keep you warm. A 9 tog duvet would be ideal. That way you can add extra layers to your bed if you choose. But remember, you will sleep better in a cool room.

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When winter hits, it’s much harder to keep bedrooms warm and you’re making a grab for the warmest blanket you can find. There are some quick and simple ways you can make your bed the warmest place possible and somewhere you’ll not want to leave in the morning.

Do thicker duvets work? 

You’ll definitely want to find the thickest duvet you can. The higher the tog rating, the warmer you’ll be. But you can always add more layers with blankets or throws to trap more heat in. For winter warming bedding up to 20 tog, check out our duvets.

Can mattress toppers help you feel warmer?

Memory foam mattress toppers are great insulators and have the ability to help you keep the warmth in your bed, while providing a cost-effective layer of comfort and protection for your mattress. 

Are there warmer fabrics for your sheets?

The duvet fabric you choose depends on a number of factors including whether you prefer natural or synthetic materials. In our collection you’ll find both, with tog ratings from 2.5 up to 20 to choose from.

Modern Bedroom

If you need any help or advice deciding on bedding for the season, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of advisors will be more than happy to help you. 

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