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Small Double Beds Perfect For Small Rooms

Double beds aren't just for the master bedroom.

23rd November, 2017
by Carl Walsh

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have all the luxury and comfort of a double bed even if your bedroom is a little on the ‘snug’ side. There are things you can do to make a small room feel and look bigger, as well as double beds that are non-standard sizes and specially designed to fit into tight spaces.

First things first – how big of a bed do you need?

There are several factors that will determine how big a bed you can squeeze into a small room:

  • The size of the people using the bed
  • The space available (without interfering with the opening space for doors, cupboards, etc)
  • How much additional furniture is in the room
  • The layout of your room
  • The size of your door!

Let’s take a quick look at each of those.

How tall are you and your partner?

Firstly, if your bed is 6ft long and you or your partner is 6ft 1” then you instantly come up against a problem and you may need a custom-sized bed that will suit a tall person in a small room. There’s nothing worse than a bed that’s too short – it leads to cold or crunched-up feet depending on whether or not your bed has a full frame with a footboard. Choose a bed that fits you as well as your bedroom.

woman in bed with a dog

Space to move

When you’re measuring up you’ll need to take into account not just the space the bed will take up, but how much ‘moving around’ room you have as well. The more room you have, the bigger the room will feel. You’ll also need to make sure there’s enough clearance for doors and drawers to open.

Time to declutter

This may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to declutter your bedroom and move out some of that excess furniture. However, don’t end up with just a bed and nothing else, or you’ll strip away all the character and personality of the room. Choose a few key pieces that work in a small space, such as side tables, or try converting window ledges into window seats to give you somewhere to sit without taking up floor space. Pick a divan style double bed and you’re also opening up some smart storage solutions too (more about those in a minute).

woman eating breakfast in bed

Layout and room design

Room layout is important, as nobody feels comfortable with an entrance door behind their bed. Take into account sloping ceilings, the position of windows and doors, nooks and crannies and those awkward little corners. Remember too, if you’re sharing a bed, you need access to both sides of the bed.

Getting the bed through the door

If your room is small, there’s a good chance that the door opening takes up a lot of room! Even if it’s a normal-size door, entrance into the room may be difficult. So picking even a king size bed is possible, so long as it either comes flat-packed and can be assembled in the room, or is small enough to get through the door. And don’t forget about your mattress – that can’t be flat-packed so you’ll need to manoeuvre it through the door in one go.

Make a room feel bigger

There are plenty of design tricks you can use to make a small room feel bigger. For example, avoid dark colours or bold ‘feature’ wallpaper walls, as these can give the impression that the room is even smaller. If you do want to include a feature wall then make sure the colours you choose are light and the pattern is relatively subtle to keep that sense of space. Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel much bigger than it actually is, and also ensure that the feel of the room stays light and airy by reflecting the light.

Avoid heavy or thick curtains and go for fitted blinds instead that don’t hang beyond the confines of the window frame. Recessed lighting in the ceiling rather than hanging lights can also raise the height of the room, giving it a more spacious feel.

Keep nick-knacks to a minimum – a few well-chosen pieces not only keep the room from becoming overcrowded, but they’re easier to dust too!

Smart storage

Small rooms can get filled up with all kinds of clutter very quickly, so it’s doubly important to incorporate some smart storage ideas into your bedroom design. You’ve got all that extra space under the bed so why not make the most of it with a divan bed? If you’re really limited on space around the sides of the bed then avoid drawer divans and go instead for end or side-opening Ottoman style beds, where the top pivots up to reveal plenty of storage space underneath.

Sleep happy

Because no two people have the same sleeping requirements, Bed Guru will listen, educate and advise you on a huge choice of beds, mattresses, and headboards. It is our mission to learn about the best way to achieve a perfect night’s sleep, which is why we won’t rest until you do. To get free delivery on any bed or mattress in England and Wales, contact us now or call on 0113 322 0303. Together we can make your next bed a comfortable one.

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