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The benefits of bunk beds for kids

Whether you’re looking to create extra room in your child’s bedroom, or you just want to treat your child to an exciting new bed, there are lots of benefits of bunk beds for kids.

2nd July, 2021
by Carl Walsh

Whether you’re looking to create extra room in your child’s bedroom, or you just want to treat your child to an exciting new bed, there are lots of benefits of bunk beds for kids.

So, if you find yourself wondering whether a bunk bed is right for your child, then this blog should help you make your final decision!

Here are the benefits of bunk beds for kids:

They are great for sleep overs

Sleepovers are one the best things in the world for kids, but what makes it even better is when they have a cool bedroom set up complete with a bunk bed to host their friends.

Sleeping bags on hard floors do the job, but if you want to ensure your guest sleep in comfort, a bunk bed is the way to go.

They can be easily separated

With a bunk bed, you are almost getting two beds for the price of one! Bunks beds are great for younger children who have their friends over regularly, and it can be exciting sleeping in a bed that looks so different.

But, when your children become teenagers, they might not think bunk beds are as cool as they used to. So, you could separate detachable bunks beds into two singles.

Two children can share the room, but it creates private space

Bunk beds are the perfect item to have in a room where two children share the same space. Firstly, it creates more space for two children to move around, as space isn’t restricted by two single beds. However, just because you’re sharing a bedroom, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any personal space.

Bunk beds can be decorated in a way that allows children to express their own personality. Each child could have different bed linens, different pillows, and decorative accessories on the side of their wall.

They provide extra space and storage

Using bunk beds creates more space in the rest of the room, meaning your children would have more space for activities and play.

If your children have a small bedroom, it also ensures there is more space for other furniture, such as wardrobes, a chest of drawers and other storage solutions.

They are not just for kids

Bunk beds are most used in children’s bedrooms, but there is no reason why an adult couldn’t use one too!

If you often have friends and family over to stay, but you are struggling for space, then a bunk bed could be the perfect option.

You might also think that bunk beds can only fit children in, but they can be used for adults too! Bunk beds are usually the same length as a standard-sized single bed, and most bunk beds do have a solid construction and have fixed guard rails, so there is very little chance of rolling off the top bunk!

Bunk bed safety for kids

Bunk beds are great for a child's bedroom, and they can act as a great space-saving solution, especially If you have two children that share a room. Also, kids love bunk beds because they are so cool! With ladders up the side and a bed high up in the sky, children will let loose with their imagination on a bunk bed!

However, it’s important to make a note of bunk bed safety so you can relay this to your child If you were to purchase one. Here are the top bunk bed safety tips for kids you need to know:

At what age is a bunk bed safe to use?

Currently, bunk bed guidelines recommended that the upper bunk is not suitable for children under the age of six. This is due to the increased risk risk of falls which could happen at night time when visibility is poor. However, this could happen with a child at any age, so its important to take your child to be sensible if they are using the upper bunk.

Top bunk bed tips for parents:

  • Only one person on the top bunk at a time
  • Don’t leave clothes hanging on the railings
  • Place carpet under a bunk bed
  • Install guard rail
  • Don’t place bunk bed near a window

Custom size bunk beds for kids

Bed Guru can make custom-sized mattresses, bed frames and divan bases handmade to order, so they can fit any unique space or can be customised depending on your height.

If you want to your bunk bed to be narrower, shorter or longer than any standard UK bunk bed, then get in touch with the team at Bed Guru to find out how we could help!


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