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The Best Mattresses For Couples

Share a bed that's made for two. Here are five things couples need to consider when buying a new mattress...

3rd February, 2020
by Carl Walsh

Is your bed too warm and sweaty? Does your partner wake you up when they roll around? Do you find yourself waking up hanging off your bed as your partner starfishes? Well, share a bed that’s definitely made for two. 

Every couple always dreams of finding that mattress that, prevents the annoying roll together, where they have their own space to dream away the night. At Bed Guru, we have a range of mattresses that cater for you both. From pocket sprung mattresses to our own range of bespoke mattresses, we have you covered. 

When it comes to buying a mattress there are a few key things you need to consider, to ensure you’re both happy with the decision. We’ve put together a guide, just in time for Valentines Day to help you find your perfect solution.

1. Caters to both of you, no compromises

bed cartoon

1. Find something that suits you both

Sleeping on a pocket sprung mattress that has been designed to stop that annoying roll together gives you and your partner the perfect night’s sleep. Whether you’re a back, side or front sleeper, pocket sprung mattresses will stop you rolling into each other during the night. The individual pocket springs cater for both of your movement during the night. Pocket sprung mattresses are also super breathable which will keep you cool during the warmest of summer nights. 

If you’re into sustainability, you could even check out our range of organic mattresses that use a pocket sprung base made out of 100% chemically free materials. You and your partner can have a peaceful night’s sleep knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment. 

  1. Essential Natural Mattress
    Essential Natural Mattress

2. Don’t let your partner’s tossing and turning keep you awake at night

Pocket sprung mattresses are packed with individual pocket springs (depending on how firm your bed is) so you can find a solution for both of you. Due to the individual pocket springs, your mattress shouldn’t sink or cave when your partner rolls over, because the springs aren’t intertwined like a standard coil mattress. So no matter how active your partner is during the night, you can sleep blissfully unaware of their movement. 

Memory foam mattresses are also very shock absorbent. If your partner tosses and turns regularly during the night, the foam will absorb the shock rather than you. 

two person in bed close-up photography

3. Learn how one another sleeps

When it comes to sleeping, you need to learn how each other sleeps to work out the best plan of action moving forward. Whether you’re a spooner, a starfisher or a log, everyone has a position of choice for sleeping. You need to find a mattress that suits you both and works for your sleeping style. It doesn’t matter whether you’re attracted like magnets whilst you sleep or like your own space, you need to accommodate both of you. 

This is where a little bit more space might come in handy. If space permits, a king size bed gives you both that little bit of extra breathing space, particularly if you have a starfish in your midst. 

  1. Premium Natural Mattress
    Premium Natural Mattress

4. Consider how firm you want the mattress to be

One of the most important aspects of a bed is how firm it is. Some people like a firm mattress, whereas others prefer it to be a bit softer and more cushioned. Giving them something to sink into at night. This is where compromise is important. You may not agree on the best course of action, so find something that lands in the middle. Your best bet is to get something bit firmer than one of you may like and if necessary buy a mattress topper to soften it up a little bit. 

With pocket sprung mattresses you get a choice of firmness ratings, from medium soft or medium firm. A firmer mattress supports your posture whilst you sleep and provides good circulation to your body. Softer mattress are usually recommended for those who suffer from back pains. If you sleep on your side, then softer mattress are probably better for you as they cushion your shoulder and hips.

Find a preference that suits you both. At times, you’ll have to compromise and picking a mattress firmness is one of the biggest compromises. If one of you suffers from back pain, then the other may need to allow their partner to get a mattress that supports them. 

A man and woman cuddling together in bed.

5. Picking the right size

Last but not least, you need to pick the right size. We alluded to it earlier but space really is the deciding factor. Everyone wants the biggest bed possible with the most room. If space is at a premium then you need to be realistic. Consider a double mattress and bed. You still get room to move but it doesn’t compromise space in your bedroom. If you do have room to manoeuvre then, by all means, go all out and get a super king size mattress. and bed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s occupied by two starfishes, you’ll both have the best night’s sleep and have all the room you need to wiggle around. 

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