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The Holy Grail of sleep May Not be as long as You Think

A recent article by the BBC suggest there's a sweet spot of how much sleep you should aim to get. It might not be as long as you think!

22nd July, 2015
by Carl Walsh

In a world where we are constantly subject to messages telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing, it’s hard to believe that something so sacred as sleep could be bad for you.

We know what you’re thinking.

You’re supposed to be the one promoting the benefits of sleep not preventing it!”

This is true. However, where scientific research presents a case, it’s only right that Bed Guru follows it up. After all, one can only become a true guru by listening and learning from those around you.

We already know that sleep is vital for the proper functioning of our bodies. Not getting enough is well-known to contribute to all manner of illness from irritability and heart disease, to high blood pressure and diabetes.

A recent article by the BBC however, suggests that there is a sweet spot that we should all be aiming for when it comes to the amount of sleep we enjoy. That’s right, according to the research there is a gradual increase in mortality risk for those who fall outside the sacred six to eight hour bracket.

According to the research, the increase in mortality risk is roughly equivalent to the risk of drinking several units of alcohol per day, though less than the mortality risk that comes from smoking.

But can it really be true that getting nine hours' sleep is worse for you than getting five?

Profesor Franco Cappuccio from the University of Warwick who carried out the research, did go on to suggest that people who sleep for more than eight hours sometimes have an underlying health problem that is not yet showing in other symptoms.

A Bed Guru Verdict: If you feel tired and lethargic no matter how much sleep you get, your sleeping patterns have changed considerably, or you have symptoms of depression, it’s time to see a doctor.

If you’re just a fan of sleeping, spend a lot lazy Sundays in bed and feel damn good for it, you're probably fine. 

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