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The Power of Storage-Boosting Beds & Narrow Bed Bases

Gather round as Bed Guru reveal all about non-standard size narrow beds and a clever storage-boosting tip...

8th June, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Space is often a premium in the bedroom. What’s supposed to be your blissful sleep retreat inevitably doubles up as a storage room for all your worldly goods. Before you know it, the stack of clothes/toys/books is the first thing you lay your bleary eyes on in the morning.

Sound familiar?

As idyllic as that seems, creating essential extra space can be as easy as making one simple tweak…

Just pop your mattress on a custom-made divan base on legs

Open up the area beneath your bed to use as you wish, and sleep on it. Perhaps it’ll become a home for your towels and spare bedsheets, or indeed anything that doesn’t bring you immediate joy – remember those Japanese de-cluttering techniques? Just so long as you have room to unwind in peace.

Getting on and off your mattress shouldn’t be a pain either. Those among you who need a leg up onto standard bed sizes, know all too well. Which is why your new bed base will be handcrafted to make your life easier, as well as tidier – whether your needs are best met by contemporary low style bed bases or traditional heights. We’ll factor in your mattress depth too.

In fact, whenever you need a custom-sized bed to tackle unique spaces and requirements, step this way.

And if you own a lovely antique bed frame?

Victorian and Edwardian, Art Deco, iron, and post-war utility bed frames make for stunning bedroom centrepieces. There’s no denying it. And although they aren’t always practical, so far as storage space is concerned, we’re not going to make you part with it.

Your mattress is narrower than standard beds, so naturally, you’ll need a narrow bed base to support it. Fortunately, we’re dab hands at crafting them with tapered corners, which cover annoying corner bolt heads that stop any modern bed base from fitting on an antique frame. 

It’s essentially a carefully-considered toss-up between a sprung or firm-feel platform base, upholstered in your choice of deco-matching fabric. From hardwearing suede and faux leather, to tastefully patterned chenille and velvet in block colours – we have your style (and bed base) covered.

Don’t fret if you can’t quite make your mind up. Just tell us which you’d like to see and we’ll post fabric swatch samples straight to your door for closer inspection. There are a few things to consider when creating your custom-sized bed, and these handy tips will set you off on the right track, but feel free to pick up the phone.

Have you…

  • Considered how much space you need underneath your bed? We offer a choice of three different leg heights. 
  • Ensured you're comfortable with the combined mattress and bed base height? While we can't change your existing mattress depth, we can build a base to compliment it.
  • Figured out how to get your deep divan base up your staircase? Send us images or a video clip from your phone, and we’ll work out the best delivery option for you.
  • Ditched your old mattress? We’ll remove it for you! If you’ve bought a Bed Guru replacement, you can opt-in for mattress removal at the checkout.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think a custom-sized bed base is just what you need. We’re always more than happy to talk beds and help you find the right solution. 

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