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What are the best guest beds?

Be it a fold up guest bed, pull out guest bed or a single bed with guest bed – these are ideal when you have visitors staying the night.

21st January, 2020
by Carl Walsh

Be it a fold up guest bed, pull out guest bed or a single bed with guest bed – these are ideal when you have visitors staying the night.

If you would rather feel like a brilliant host than die of embarrassment when your guests wake up with a bad back, replace your spare bed with one of our five most popular guest beds, starting from as little as £119. Alternatively, shop the entire collection today for a bed for guests.

1. Sleepover Premium Guest Bed

Sleepover Premium Guest Bed

Your guests don’t stay forever, so why should their bed clutter up your bedroom? Hide the smaller bed out of sight, tucked within the Sleepover Premium Guest Bed until you need it – simply roll it out from underneath and put it wherever your visitor feels most comfortable. This spare bed has wheels and isn’t connected to the main bed, so you can move it into another room if you prefer.

Better yet, you don’t have to go mattress shopping, because this £399 Sleepover Premium Guest Bed is one of the few guest beds that comes complete with two mattresses. The Bonnell Sprung mattress comes with additional spring strength and deeper upholstery to provide a quality night's sleep. So all you need to do is add fresh bedding and a headboard like the Oakwell headboard – after telling us whether you want your Sleepover Premium Guest Bed upholstered in a wide range of colours for you to choose from at checkout. 

2. Tetras Metal Guest Bed

Tetras Metal Guest Bed

If your guests don’t demand their own room, offer the £199 Tetras Metal Guest Bed that sleeps two people comfortably, on two UK single beds. These metal bed frames have wooden slats on the sprung bases, making the guest bed suitable for all types of mattress. Plus, you get to choose one of four colour combinations.

You can opt for beech timber posts on a silver or black metal bed frame or get white finished solid timber posts on a black or silver metal bed frame. This stunning guest bed will maximise the space you have in your spare bedroom and brighten up even the darkest of decórs. 

  1. Tetras Metal Guest Bed
    Tetras Metal Guest Bed

3. Brennington Guest Bed

Brennington Guest Bed

Unlike the previous two guest beds, this fold out guest bed comes in both UK single and UK small single sizes. The £169 Brennington Guest Bed is a silver metal bed frame with a pearly grey finish that comes complete with a low headboard and lower footboard, leaving you more to spend on a great new mattress instead. When your guest sleeps on the guest bed, there will be a 26cm space beneath the bed that’s ideal for storing small bags, shoes or belongings.

  1. Brennington Metal Guest Bed
    Brennington Metal Guest Bed

4. Esther Wooden Guest bed

Esther Wooden Guest Bed

If you want to add a touch of class and elegance to your bedroom, then look no further than the Esther Wooden Guest bed. The bed frame is made of solid Hevea timber and has stunning curves and Japanese-inspired feature headboard. This guest bed is sure to make your proud to show off your home to any guests that stay with you.

This bed allows you to fully maximise the space you have available with a handy pullout bed underneath. You can choose from either a traditional honey oak or walnut finish with sprung wooden slats.

5. Marseilles Metal Day Bed & Guest Bed

Marseilles Metal Day Bed & Guest Bed

Do you not have a spare room for guests? Then fear not, the Marseille Metal Day Bed & Guest Bed is a sofa by day and a bed by night. It will fit in seamlessly into your living room and then transform into a comfy bed when needed. 

It comes as a classic French Louise IVX inspired design in a taller, traditional style. It's finished with spherical finials and fleur-de-lis features and comes at an affordable price. 

How can we help?

Are you looking for help finding a bed for your guest bedroom? Let us help you, whether it's a traditionally sized guest bed or a bespoke, custom-sized bed, we're here to help you find your bed solution. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you and your guests. 

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