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What are the most instagrammable celebrity beds?

We often use Instagram to look on fondly at the desirable lifestyle of the celebrity.

26th August, 2020
by Carl Walsh

Celebs and influencers often post pictures of their homes which gives us inspiration to follow their lead and get a house like our favourite influencer. One particular piece of furniture we like to post (that we’re particularly fond of) is the bed. Celebrities also seem to be similarly fond of their bed. But out of the celebrities with the most followers on Instagram, who has the most Instagrammable bed that’s been liked the most?

The most followed Instagram celebrities: 

Celebrity No of Instagram Followers No of likes on bed post
10. Neymar (Footballer) 139 Million 4.24 Million
9. Justin Bieber (Pop Star) 141 Million 2.75 Million
8. Beyoncé  (Pop Star) 150 Million -
7. Lionel Messi (Footballer) 159 Million 5 Million
6. Kim Kardashian (Influencer) 179 Million 3.84 Million
5. Selena Gomez (Pop Star) 183 Million 4.88 Million
4. Kylie Jenner (Influencer) 185 Million 8.25 Million
3. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (Film Star) 190 Million 6.82 Million
2. Ariana Grande (Pop Star) 194 Million 9.19 Million
1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Footballer) 230 Million 11.83 Million

The most followed Instagram celebrities re-ranked according to the likes on their bed posts:

Celebrities Re-Ranked 

No of likes on bed post 

1. Cristiano Ronaldo 

11.83 million 

2. Ariana Grande 

9.19 million 

3. Kylie Jenner 

8.25 million 

4. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson 

6.82 million 

5. Lionel Messi 

5 million 

6. Selena Gomez 

4.88 million 

7. Neymar

4.24 million 

8. Kim Kardashian

3.84 million 

9. Justin Bieber 

2.75 million 

10. Beyoncé


Beyoncé (150m followers) 

Beyoncé is the 8th most followed person on Instagram but surprisingly, she doesn’t have a single picture of her bed, and partner Jay Z is no help as he deleted his account a few years ago. So, this leaves Beyoncé ranked at number 10 for the number of likes on her non-existent bed post. Perhaps she may not be a fan of her bed? Beyoncé, if you’re reading this, we’d be happy to help you get your dream bed so please do get in touch!

Justin Bieber (141m followers) 

Pop superstar Justin Bieber is the 9th most followed person on Instagram and he also ranks 9th in the number of likes on a bed post. I’m sure you’ll agree, Bieber has an incredibly instagrammable bed and his post from February 2020 received 2.75 million likes from his adoring worldwide fan base. This is just short of the 2.8 million people worldwide that attended his Purpose Tour in 2016. 

This post received exactly 2,754,756 likes, and we can see why! 

 Justin Bieber Bed

Kim Kardashian (179m followers) 

 Kim is the 6th most followed person on Instagram but ranks 8th for the most likes on a bed post. You’d imagine that a bed owned by the most popular member of the Kardashian family would be pretty impressive. Although the image doesn’t show much, it features one of her children and doesn’t show much of her bed! But the picture reached 3.8 million likes on Instagram. This is around 50x more people than the crowd that watched husband Kanye’s set at Glastonbury Festival. 

This picture received exactly 3,842,066 likes, but we wish we could see more of your bed, Kim!

Kim Kardashian Bed

Neymar (139m followers)

Paris St Germain’s football superstar and Brazilian international Neymar posted a picture of his bed on his Instagram account last year which totalled over 4 million likes from his 139 million followers. This may be something to do with the fact that this picture involved his children, a common theme across celebrities. But to put that into context, if everyone who liked his photo headed to Wembley Stadium (90,000 capacity), they’d be able to fill the National Stadium 44 times! 

This post received exactly 4,241,572 likes, wow! 

Neymar Bed

Selena Gomez (183m followers) 

Selena Gomez sits within the top 5 followed celebs on Instagram, and she took an edgy black and white photo in her bed which received over 4.8 million likes on Instagram. This number is only 1.9 million smaller than the 6.7 million records that she’s sold worldwide in her music career. 

This post has a whopping 4,880,096 likes! We really wish we could see the bed frame though! 

Selena Gomez

Lionel Messi (159m followers) 

Some say he is the best footballer in the world but does he have the best bed on Instagram? Well 5 million people seem to think he does! Again, his children feature in the photo which received over 5 million likes. This is 6877 times more goals than Messi has scored in his career (an impressive 727 goals).

This adorable picture has exactly 5,064,846 likes! 

Lionel Messi

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (190m followers) 

Former WWE star turned actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has surpassed 190 million followers on Instagram and his bed photo picked up 6.8 million likes. Surprise surprise, the picture also features his daughter alongside a pretty impressive looking headboard. This number would fill 45,333 cinemas worldwide with a capacity of 150 to watch his latest release, Jumanji. 

This picture has a massive 6,829,824 likes, and we think it super cute! 

The Rock Bed

Kylie Jenner (185m followers) 

The most popular member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, Kylie has the 3rd most liked celebrity bed picture on Instagram, so it’s clearly very Instagrammable. Although her bed is pretty simple and does look like it’s placed in the vault of a major bank, it still received 8.2 million likes from her 185 million followers. If this number of people watched Kylie’s partner Travis Scott perform at the 20,789 capacity Madison Square Gardens, he’d need to book the venue for 395 nights! 

This picture received a grand total of 8,254,402 likes, but something is telling us this small single bed isn't actually Kylie's real bed?

Kylie Jenner Bed

Ariana Grande (194m followers)  

Number one in the music Instagram game and the person with the 2nd highest follower number on Instagram, pop sensation Ariana Grande’s picture of her in her bed received nearly 9.2 million likes from her fans. This would fill her local home state stadium in Florida, the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (88,548 capacity) 104 times! 

Wow, this post has 9,193,679 likes!

Ariana Grande Bed

Cristiano Ronaldo (230m followers)

It’s often debated whether Messi or Ronaldo are the best in the world of football, but in the world of Instagrammable beds, Ronaldo takes it home. His family photo received 11.8 million likes from his 230 million followers. His current side Juventus would need to play 286 games in their 41,507 capacity stadium so each individual liker could watch their icon, just once. In context, they would need to play 7.5 Serie A seasons, by which point Ronaldo will be 43! 

This adorable family picture received a huge 11,838,664 likes! 

Christiano Ronaldo

So, there you have it, the top 10 celebrity beds from Instagram. Unfortunately, you couldn't see much of the celebrities' actually beds, and it's got us thinking what Bed Guru bed would suit them the most. 

Are you looking for a new bed to hit the heights of your favourite celebrity? If so, then please get in touch and see what we can do for you! 

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