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What Is A Shorty Bed?

What is a Shorty Bed? Read more from one of the UK's largest online bed retailers, Shop online with Bed Guru the sleep specialists.

27th November, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Short beds, junior length beds, shorties – shorty beds go by a myriad of different names but in simple terms they’re just shorter beds for little folk and/or little spaces! Originally designed with kids in mind, they’re the next step up from cots, when your kids make that transition from crib to proper ‘grown up’ bed. However, a normal single bed is still a little bit too big for a young child, so shorty beds are purposefully designed with smaller dimensions to suit smaller users.

Why not go straight to a single?

It may seem like a sensible idea, but transitioning from a crib or cot to a full-sized single bed can be a little bit intimidating for a tot. The larger dimensions could make a child feel anxious, affecting their sleep patterns and, in turn, disturbing the rest of the family. The larger space of a full-size single is also harder to warm up than a shorty, making it less inviting.

Children’s rooms are often much smaller than adult’s rooms, and there tends to be a fair amount of clutter in there too! Shorty beds take up much less space, and often come with their own under-bed divan storage solutions. That means there’s plenty of room for keeping toys out of the way, but no room for monsters to hide under the bed!

Some shorty beds are also designed specifically for kids, so they come in bright colours and designs that young children will love. All of this goes towards making a pleasant sleeping environment for the child, encouraging them to settle much faster at the end of a busy day, and ensuring they get a better night’s sleep.

Shorty beds for adults

Shorty beds aren’t just for kids, though. If your room is a little bit on the awkward size, a bit smaller than normal, or you simply don’t want a large bed then a shorty will fit right in.

Available in both singles and doubles, shorty beds are ideal if your spare bedroom is a little cramped but you still want to offer your guests somewhere to sleep without breaking out the Z-bed!

Short beds come in various sizes, but in general a short single will measure around 2ft 6 inches wide by around 5ft 3-9 inches long, although some can go up to 6ft long. A short king-size bed (if that’s not a contradiction in terms!) usually measures in at around 5ft wide by 6ft 3 inches long. Of course, custom beds are another option too - allowing you to get a bed that perfectly fits into the space you have available.

Talking of mattresses…

Shorty beds require shorty mattresses. Also, don’t forget that normal size fitted sheets won’t fit a shorty, so you may need to look around for suppliers who do offer various sizes of top and bottom sheets.

You’ll be able to find all the usual types of mattresses to fit shorties, from memory foam to pocket sprung, and even mattress toppers for a bit of added comfort.

Where can I buy a shorty bed?

At Bed Guru, we know that it’s never a case of ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to finding the perfect bed. So we’ve developed a full range of beds that include a variety of shorties – plus mattresses to fit. Take a look at our short beds and short mattresses, or give us a call and chat to one of our team.

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