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Clever Ottoman Storage Ideas

Find out some Clever Ottoman Storage Ideas that you may not be aware of. Read more on the Bed Guru website.

6th July, 2018
by Carl Walsh

When square footage is at a premium, you need to make the most of the space you do have at home. That doesn’t mean you need to throw away all your precious belongings – it just means you need to make a few rearrangements and get clever with your storage.

The power of intelligent storage can’t be understated. And if you’re short of space in your bedroom, we’ve got a smart solution up our sleeves for you.

Ottoman lifting bed

You need an ottoman bed

That’s right, swapping your current bed for an ottoman bed could be the solution to your storage problem. But what exactly is it?

An ottoman bed comes with built-in storage, which is hidden beneath the mattress. To access your items, all you need to do is lift it up; this is nice and easy to do, thanks to gas-lift hydraulics. What is an Ottoman Bed? If you want to read more about ottoman beds and how they work, you’ll find everything you need to know by clicking that link. 

When you think about it, investing in one of your own means your bed can become so much more than a place to sleep at night – it’s a multifunctional piece of furniture. Plus, because it’s really important that an ottoman bed functions effectively, you’ll usually find that they’re made to a much higher specification than standard bed frames.

Pick your configuration

When it comes to choosing an ottoman bed, make sure you think about how often you’ll need to access your things, as well as the layout of your bedroom. This will help you decide which configuration to go for.

  • End-opening ottoman bed

Forget about bumping into your bedside tables, just lift your mattress up from the foot end and you’ll have access to the storage space inside.

  • Side-opening ottoman bed

This type of ottoman bed is particularly handy if you have a narrow bedroom because you can place it right against the wall and still lift the mattress.

  • Half-opening ottoman bed

This type of ottoman bed has storage in half the bed only. It’s a great solution for attic rooms with sloping ceilings, or if you just need a little extra storage space, because you don’t need as much to accommodate the mattress when it’s fully lifted. Here’s an example.

Whichever configuration you go for, and whether it’s a single or a double, one thing’s for sure: your ottoman bed is set to be a real space saver. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are our top 5 most popular ottoman beds.

Before you choose your ottoman, though, check and double-check the size of the bed against the available space in your bedroom. You won’t need the extra room for opening drawers that you have to have with a divan, but you’ll still need room to move around comfortably, and to get the bed in through the door in the first place!

Bed with fairy lights

Store your stuff

Depending on the configuration of your ottoman bed, there are loads of things you can store in there. More often than not, the storage that an ottoman bed gives you is best suited to big items that take up lots of space, things you only need access to once in a while, or stuff you’re happy to hideaway for long periods of time. For example:

  • Duvets, duvet covers, bed sheets and pillowcases

  • Winter coats and jumpers

  • Precious goods and sentimental items from your childhood

It’s a simple solution

Having an ottoman bed really can make all the difference to your bedroom. It’s all about making clever use of the space you have by choosing multifunctional furniture.

Just imagine having more storage for all your stuff. A place where you can store cumbersome items out of sight. Somewhere to keep your winter coats until you need them again. A hideaway for your most precious items. An ottoman bed gives you all this, without taking up any extra room.

Ready to get your ottoman bed? Take a look at our latest range of ottoman beds and shop online today.

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