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Common injuries in the bedroom

Unveiling the UK's most common bedroom injuries. Here's a hint - it isn't stubbing your toe on the bed

15th February, 2022
by Carl Walsh

Sure, you know, you sleep a lot in your bedroom, but you also sleep in your bedroom. The most common room to be intimate with a partner in is the bedroom, but are there risks involved by getting close to your partner in the bedroom, and if so, what are the most commonly injured body parts?

We conducted a survey of 2,000 UK adults to find out exactly that. A whopping 75% of the British population admitted to injuring an ominous ‘other’ part of their body – excluding the main body parts of the back, neck, legs, and nether regions.


Who knew women are more prone to injury?

Women are more likely to injure their back during sex than men, and men are twice as likely to injure their nether regions than women. The least injured body part is the torso, which given it’s the biggest part of your body, comes as quite a surprise.


Top bedroom injuries by UK region

  1. Head - East of England and North West
  2. Nether regions – South West and London
  3. Torso – North East
  4. Back – North West
  5. Hands – East Midlands, Scotland and Wales
  6. Arms – South West
  7. Legs – London
  8. Wrists – North East and Wales
  9. Fingers – North East
  10. Neck – North West and North East
  11. Other – Northern Ireland


The best time of your life

People in long-term relationships are the most likely to injure their heads, hands, arms, and wrists, whereas divorced and separated people injure their torso, back, and other, more than anyone else!!

A 2020 study by YouGov found that people in their late 20’s are more likely than any other age group to have fun in the bedroom, and a few times a week at that. The reason is, those in their 20’s are more likely to be single, meet new people on nights out, experiment more, and go through multiple relationships until they settle down.

As we get older, it’s a common belief that we lose our interest in the bedroom. In fact, the same YouGov survey found that by 40, any bedroom shenanigans drop down to once a week. But fear not, we come bearing good news! Our 2022 survey also revealed that over a third of those aged over 50 say they’re having the best sex of their life since turning 45. So even if your bedroom activities are happening less frequently, it’s better. As they say, quality over quantity.


Softening the blow

To reduce the risk of injury in the bedroom, it’s important that you choose the right apparatus – mattresses.

A memory foam or hybrid mattress will cushion and contour your body, whilst absorbing the impact of each movement. So great, your body is supported, but what about your head? Not only does one of our headboards look decorative, but they also come in handy for protecting your head! Our headboards are padded, British-made, and available in custom sizes to suit any bed.

We offer custom sizing for many of our British-made mattresses, bedding, and beds, so we can tailor make them to your exact needs. Whether you have a narrow staircase, a wonky bedroom, own a boat, or want a bigger bed so your feet don’t hang off the edge, we are the experts. We cannot wait to hear about your latest project – please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, please feel free to have a read of our home and bed measuring guide. Hopefully, you’ll get a rough idea of what you’re after and the perfect sizing for your space.

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