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Home and bed measuring guide

You have the bedroom, now you just need a bed to fill it.

3rd February, 2021

We always recommend the biggest bed your space will fit, but how big can you go? This simple home and bed measuring guide will help you make the right decision.

You’ll need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Masking tape (optional)
  • Retractable tape measure

Measuring your bed for a new mattress

Firstly, it's important that you're measuring the space the mattress will sit in, and not the outside of the bed frame - to ensure it will be the right fit. 

  • To measure the width of your bed

Place one end of your tape measure on the corner of your bed and lock it. Now pull the tape until you’re at the nearest corner and note down the measurement in centimetres.

  • To measure the length of your bed

Place your tape measure at the top of your bed (in the middle) and lock it. Now pull the tape until you are at the bottom of the bed and note down the measurement in centimetres.

how to measure bed

Voila! Now you have the size of the mattress you need. If you have an antique bed frame, we might need you to send a picture with your measurements. You can read more about buying a custom size mattress for an antique bed frame here.

Size Width (cm) Length (cm) Dimensions (Imperial)
UK Single 90 190 3ft x 6ft3
UK Small Single 75 190 2ft6 x 6ft3
UK Wide Single 107 190 3ft6 x 6ft3
UK Small Double 122 190 4ft x 6ft3
UK Double 137 190 4ft6 x 6ft3
UK King Size 152 200 5ft x 6ft6
UK & EU Super King 183 200 6ft x 6ft6

View our size guide

Measuring your bedroom for a new bed

Visit our size guide and make a note of the bed size you want (remember the bigger the better) and use your tape measure to check it will fit comfortably in your space.

Tip: Use masking tape to create an outline of the bed size you want on the floor.

Ideally, you want at least 60cm on either side to leave enough space for other furniture like drawers to open and for you to walk around the bed.

measuring your bedroom for a new bedTip: If you choose a bed with drawers, don’t forget to take this into account so it doesn’t stop them from opening.

If you have low ceilings or protruding windowsills, be mindful of the depth of the bed (with a mattress on top). You don’t want your forehead stroking the ceiling!

We can of course make your new divan bed lower and advise on the right mattress if height is an issue.

Measuring your doors, hallways, and staircases

For doors, set your tape measure to the length of your desired bed and put it up against your doorway to check that it will fit.measuring your doorways, hallways and staircases

Tip: Ensure that there is 2-3cm of wiggle room so that you don't damage doorframes or paintwork.

For staircases, do the same, measuring from the bulkhead (the bit that sticks out) to the nearest step below.

have you thought about a zip and link bed

Worried your doorway, staircase, or bedroom won’t fit the bed you need? Or do you need a bed/mattress for a more unusual space? Tell us about your challenge and we’ll be able to help.

Have you thought about a Zip & Link bed?

Zip & Link beds allow you to conveniently split your mattress and divan base down the middle to create two single beds, ideal for small staircases and doorways where a king-size bed just won’t fit.

We can make your Zip & Link divan base lower to the ground if you have low ceilings or prefer a low-profile style. Choose from an excellent range of fabrics and storage options, and pair it with any of our Connect Zip & Link mattresses.

Ready to make it happen?

Visit our custom sizes page to learn more, or get in touch if you think a custom size bed or mattress is just what you need. We’re always more than happy to talk beds and help you make your dream bed a reality.

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