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The 5 Best Halloween Marketing Campaigns Ever

Like for every notable celebration, Halloween campaigns begin way before the October celebration itself, and harrowing Halloween SEO and marketing campaigns are seen online and, on the TV, as early August!

16th October, 2020
by Carl Walsh

The main reason for this is so brands can make the most of the Halloween opportunities on offer, whether its to encourage sales amongst a Halloween related product or service, or whether the brand simply wants to share their Halloween related knowledge and increase brand awareness.

Bright orange pumpkins, scary ghost stories, gruesome ghouls and scary skeletons, there are so many Halloween paraphernalia to take advantage of to make creative campaigns come to life. So, to celebrate the best campaigns, we have scoured the internet to bring the best ones together all in one place.

From monster proof beds to influencer inspired Halloween costumes, this list covers the most creative Halloween campaigns we’ve seen over the last few years:

Monster Proof Bed

Firstly, our Monster Proof Bed Campaign. At Bed Guru, we have created the worlds first ever monster proof bed. Instead of creating a spine-chilling SEO campaign, we instead created a campaign that aims to give advice to parents whose children are struggling with the common fear of Teraphobia, aka, a fear of monsters under the bed.

In October, Teraphobia is heightened amongst children because of the spooky activity going on around them. So, with the aim of alleviating this fear, we created a monster proof bed, complete with garlic and wolfsbane infused mattress, anti-vampire UV lights and a fitted cage contraption.

Alongside the monster proof bed product page we have written an insightful advice piece for parents and carers who need tips on helping their children deal with the monsters under the bed, some tips include using a worry jar, using a ‘monster spray’ and watching child friendly monster movies, like Monsters Inc.

Urban Outfitters Influencer Halloween Costume Set

In 2018, Urban Outfitters created a very witty Influencer Halloween costume set, which resembled an outfit Kim Kardashian got paparazzied in. For just £45 you could grab yourself a pair of leggings, a hoodie, a sports bra, trainers, a cap, and a pair of sunglasses for instant influencer status.

This product page got hundreds of links and coverage the year it was released, and although there was mixed reaction to the outfit itself, it clearly got peoples attention. Some on social media thought it was a clever idea, some commented ‘what world do we live in?’ expressing their dislike.

Spooky Marmite Jars

In 2018, Marmite released two Halloween themed jars that were limited edition and only available for a few weeks in October. Marmite considered these jars as collectibles, and fans of the spread flocked to the supermarkets to get hold of the ‘poison’.

This got a lot of attention on social media, with twitter users questioning what the ‘poison for the haters’ and ‘poison for the lovers could taste like.

M&M Dark Movies

An oldie but a goodie. In 2006 M&M created this dark movie game which required players to identify the 50 hidden scary movies from the visual riddles within the picture. The game came out to celebrate Halloween, but also the launch of M&Ms new dark chocolate variation.

The game included a timer which added to the challenge and fun. Can you name any of the movies in the picture?

Netflix and chills

The phrase ‘Netflix & Chill’ has become a popular saying in households all over the UK in the last couple of years, and last October Netflix created a ‘what to watch based on chill factor’ infographic, cleverly named ‘Netflix & Chills’.

Movies and series included The Haunting of Hill House, The Shining and The Conjuring. Each creepy watch was put into a graph based on how terrifying, supernatural, enchanting, and realistic they were.

So, what campaign enchanted you the most? Whether it was our monster proof bed campaign or the influencer outfit, the campaigns above are a good representation of the visionary and spooky campaigns that are launched every year by different brands. Halloween truly is one of the most creative times of the year!

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