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What type of sleeper are you?

What type of sleeper are you? Read our sleep advice and tips and find out what your sleeping position says about you.

12th February, 2019
by Carl Walsh

Can your body language in bed reveal your true personality? Sleep Professor Chris Iszikowski thinks so…

From how trusting and opinionated you are to how many friends you have - how you lie on your mattress says it all. Or does it? Find out whether psychologists have you all figured out. Let’s meet the real you.

Sleeping positions

1. The Log

Log sleeper

You lie on your side with your arms down your body and you know exactly what you’re doing tomorrow, from the moment you wake up to bedtime. Spontaneity isn’t your style, but you’re easy going for someone who’s determined and in control – you’re happy to trust strangers and hang out with a popular crowd who admire how reliable you are. Friends always ask you what the plan is.

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2.The Foetus

Foetus sleeper


People think you’re tough, but your close friends know you’re sensitive at heart – maybe this is why you curl into a ball with your knees pulled to your chest, protecting it. Quiet at first, you’re shy when you meet new people, but you soon relax. You take your time picking the right friends, protecting yourself from disappointment, because you love with all you have, which makes you vulnerable.

Your perfect mattress: the medium soft Pocket Memory Premier

Pocket memory mattress

3. The Yearner

The yearner sleeper

You sleep on your side, both arms in front of you – confident and thoughtful. You’re honest. But you doubt others are. And you’re not keen to make a fool of yourself –your cynicism stops anyone pulling the wool over your eyes. You take ages to make a decision, but when you’ve made your mind up, you stick to it. Your commitment is admirable.

Your trusty mattress: the medium soft Memory Foam Tencel

Medium soft memory foam mattress


4. The Soldier

The soldier sleeper

Attention! Your friends are lucky to know someone as loyal as you, sleeping on your back with your arms at your sides. You do whatever you can to help those around you, but you won’t let anyone praise you for it. You’re not shy – you’re never afraid to defend your thoughts and opinions. But you hate fuss. And hold yourself and others to the highest standards.

Your mattress (and that’s an order): the firm Orthopaedic

Orthopaedic mattress

5. The Freefaller

Freefaller sleeper

Lie on your belly and hug your pillow? You’re doing wonders for your digestion – which is just as well, because you’re rather thin-skinned and can’t handle criticism. Allegedly. Someone with your confidence is sociable, of course, but careful you’re not too loud. People could misinterpret your self-assertiveness as you’re being rude or overbearing.

Your mattress (you have the stomach for it): the firm Orthopaedic Supreme

Orthopaedic supreme mattress

6. The Starfish

Starfish sleeper

You love spreading out and spreading the love – you’re always happy to listen and help others, making you a great pal. Everyone knows you’re much happier being in the centre of your bed, not the centre of attention. You’re rather shy for someone who lies on your back with both arms around your pillow, making the most of every bit of your mattress – aren’t you?

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Pocket sprung mattress


For more bedroom tips if you share your bed with a partner then why not read our other blog post about what does your sleeping position reveal about your relationship?

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