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  • You can stay the night at everyone's favourite home from Sex Education - From nearly £3,000.

Stay the night at the home from Sex Education for £3,000

With the third season of Netflix’s hit show Sex Education finally arriving on 17th September, the world has been falling in love with the idyllic settings of it all over again.

11th October, 2021
by Carl Walsh

Sex Education. 2021. [film] Directed by B. Taylor. Wales, UK: Netflix.

Bed Guru (the Sleep Specialists stocking a huge range of beds, mattresses and headboards in special sizes) wanted to see if it was possible to try out their favourite bedroom in the show. They were delighted.



The Chalet


Netflix has become one of the nation’s favourite streaming services in recent years and it is partially due to the vast amount of content it offers. While it can be hard to choose, so many of us opted for Sex Education season 3 this month. Google searches for the term ‘sex education’ increased by over 300% on the day that the season was released.


Similarly, Google searches for the term ‘sex education house’ also rose by just over a whopping 1100% on the same day! Through their research, dreamy bed experts Bed Guru found out that the beautiful home of Otis and Dr Jean Milburn can be yours to stay in - from £2,995 for 4 nights. Positioned between the river Wye and Symonds Yat Rock in Herefordshire, The Chalet is actually a B&B that boasts 5 beautiful bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 visitors.


Your stay at the Milburn’s can only be four or five nights (no shorter or longer) and prices can go up to £4,600 over a four night period! The Chalet also includes decks, patios, a pizza oven, gardens and woodlands for you to enjoy on your special Netflix getaway. Our favourite parts of the house are the bedrooms, and the beds look incredibly comfortable!


‘Comfort really is everything when it comes to having a great night’s sleep.  It’s very important to have a bed and mattress that suits you if you want to enjoy a deep and healthy sleep every evening.


This is why the quality of our products is paramount for us at Bed Guru, we really can’t rest until our customers do.’ - Carl Walsh (Sleep Expert at Bed Guru)


Hands-On Experience


Netflix are usually quite secretive about their viewing figures, but they did let slip in 2019 that Sex Education was on track to be watched by 40 MILLION households before its first month was out. Audiences have absolutely loved following Maeve, Otis and their schoolmates as they cope with being teenagers and go through some of the most confusing years of their lives’.


With the release of the third series just last week, we’re sure there are many superfans that would do just about anything to stay in The Chalet. According to our research, The Chalet is actually one of the most expensive famous TV Locations that you can stay at. It sits at second most expensive in our list! (Read more at: https://www.bedguru.co.uk/famous-tv-show-locations-you-can-stay-in-overnight)


Imagine staycationing in the house that we have been admiring on our screens for over two years!

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